Just do it – an introduction.

To say that I’ve started to blog again 100 times in the past several years, would probably be an understatement. Every time I set out to explore a blogging platform – I get obsessed with themes and images and templates and tweaking this or that, that my “writing session” is over before it ever begins. In the midst of heading down that path yet again, I told myself “just do it.” And at risk of being cliché and directly ripping off Nike’s tagline, here I am. Just doing it. Sharing my words for all to hear, for all who’ve asked, for my heart and mind overflowing with a story untold.

Welcome to my blog, Caffeine & Concealer. The title of this blog came to me one day when I realized that copious amounts of coffee and a persistent application of concealer pretty much summed up my existence. Well that, God, a lot of prayer, and love and support from my family – but that just gets wordy. Bare with me as I evolve the look and feel of this blog, carefully choose a logo and images, and set out on this journey to share my words amidst the picture-perfect backdrop and brand I’ve been dreaming of.





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