Livi’s Life



My Olivia Rae (Livi) is my baby, and she knows it. She’s more of my mini-me when it comes to looks and stature, but a healthy mix of both Matt and I’s personalities. It’s hard to say really since she’s not talking just yet, but she keeps us laughing and on our toes nonetheless. When Livi was a newborn, we used to joke that she was our “grumpy gramps” because she was a grunter. You were hard pressed to hear her cry because her little voice had a slightly muted rasp to it, and she communicated with frequent grunts instead. It reminded us of a crotchety old man, even though she was only hours and days new.

As she’s grown up, she’s become our little lover. She requires regular love and hug breaks – even if it means stopping in the middle of our flight of stairs to do so. She wants to be just like big sis, though Charlotte tends to dominate in typical big sister fashion. Even in their sweetest moments, it’s more of an aggressive love coming from big sissy–choke holds instead of gentle hugs, insisting on hooking Livi up to a leash “because she’s my dog,” and other sibling shenanigans.

Livi loves to eat (especially cheese and carbs), loves to wear shoes, loves to read books, insists on traveling by foot with no less than 17 items in hand, loves to take baths and has an ever-evolving nick name that started as “Baby Livi,” which has somehow ventured into Baba Lava / Boppalava territory.

Since I’ll be posting regular chapters of Charlotte’s Corner, I wanted to be sure Olivia found a place in my blog  as well. Thus, “Livi’s Life” was coined. This is the first of a recurring blog post that will reflect the life of Livi, just for laughs, and permanently documented worldwide web memories.

Livi’s Life Ch. 1


Half naked, belly hanging out, “brushing her teeth,” rain boots.

Enough said.


This is Livi’s Life.

The End.


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