New look, same story-telling


Hey everyone, check out the new graphic web banner I had created for the blog. I’m super excited about it and will soon have a small, complimentary logo as well. I dove right into this blog at the first of the year and bypassed a lot of the technical details and logistics that would often times consume me and take away from my writing. This included the visual identity of the blog and other branding details. I’m slowly navigating through the technical aspects of the platform still, but prioritizing content in order to keep the stories coming. Please do me a favor, and visit the blog directly at and subscribe, follow me and comment. If you’re already here, you should see the “Follow Me” button in the right-hand navigation. Any activity helps generate awareness so that others can discover Caffeine & Concealer and will move it closer to the #1 New Blog of the Year 2016 (not sure if that’s a real thing).

There’s no pressure, but if you don’t do as I say, I may not use you and your lives as hypothetical content for my next blog post, or I will without your permission, depending on which is worse for you.

Thank you dear and loyal friends!


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