Becoming a Momma



Every night, there is at least one moment that I intentionally focus on in effort to preserve that memory and never forget.

The girls are growing so fast, and I don’t ever want to look back and feel that I didn’t get enough of them in each and every stage. I snatch all the hugs and kisses I want, squeeze them tight before bed, breathe in their baby hair and soft skin – it’s all my favorite. I’ve heard people say that they’re not “little kid moms” or the opposite, “big kid moms.” I can’t speak from experience about whether or not I’m a “big kid mom,” but I certainly love being a”little kid mom.”

It’s hard, sure. Some days you think you’ll never stop sweeping 13 pounds of peas off the floor, or waiting on them hand and foot (really, you can’t take care of yourself yet?) But generally speaking, I really do love it. I long for their earlier infancy stages already – even though I was averaging 7.5 minutes of sleep per night and couldn’t wait to pass the baby off after those tender breastfeeding moments where I just wanted to scream like a crazy claustrophobic – GET IT OFF OF ME, LET ME OUT OF HERE, SOMEBODY, QUICK! TAKE THE BABY!

Motherhood has been a journey and the greatest gift I have ever been given. I love my girls more than I ever thought possible, more than I knew I was even capable of. It’s a love that doesn’t even exist until you have children and the capacity of love is revealed to you. And while there is no book or advice that could ever prepare one for motherhood – Here are a few of my top realizations learned along this journey.

Five Realizations of a New Mom.

  • Many people around you whom you used to like, become less likeable through the competition you never knew existed: your child(ren) vs. their child(ren), your parenting technique vs. their technique, their post-baby body progress vs. your progress (Pass the ice-cream please!)
  • Your own parents get really good at saying “You turned out ok didn’t ya?” as their perfect rebuttal to anything that has evolved in the last 30 years (namely, car safety.) The practically sleepover-style nest in the hatchback of a Buick station wagon or van with curtains just won’t cut it anymore.)
  • Your children bring a whole new meaning to “Mini-Me.” Sending to time-out again for mouthing off? Internally rolling your eyes at their 2-second attention span and supreme impatience? Huffing and puffing and rolling their eyes at only 4 years old? Yeah … there are only so many times you can say “They did NOT get that from me!”
  • You’ll find that your broom will become your third leg, unless of course you’re lucky enough to have a dog that snarfs up the under-the-table scraps. And don’t worry, nobody is judging you for having a much cleaner, dog-saliva slicked floor.
  • Being quick on your feet and coming up with ingenious new strategies to manipulate your children becomes life’s greatest and most amusing challenge: “First one to get their pajama’s on, WINS!” “First one to get in their bed, WINS!”

Motherhood is the most serious/not-serious thing I have ever done, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. From life’s teachable moments the tiny tyrants are discovering each and every day, to the teasing and laughter and times you just can’t take too seriously, the key to a happy home and overflowing cup is 2 parts parenting, 1 part friendship and lots of love.



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