Charlotte’s Corner – Ch. 2


“Mom, when I was a baby, I used to drink milk out of your boobs.”

Me: (remembering this historical event vividly), “Yep.”

Charlotte: (excitedly), “When I grow up, and get married, and have a baby, I’ll probably feed her milk from my boobs too. But not now, I still just have tiny nipples.”


How Gilmore Girls Helped Me Reach my New Year’s Resolution


Once again, we find ourselves in another new year – wondering how we got here so quickly. It’s so true what they say – that time flies faster as you grow older. With every new month that arrives, it comes and goes with its themes and events and often reminds us of old memories, stays around long enough to create new ones, but most of all – passes us by too soon. November of course is Thanksgiving, a time of friends and families and thankfulness, jackets and knee-high boots if you’re lucky. More importantly, it ushers in December – a time of magical Christmas joy and abundant love. When January arrives, it marks a fresh start for many, a do-over, an ambition surge, goal-setting, and the occasional “New Year’s resolutions are dumb” sort of nay-sayers.

For me, it is a fresh start. It’s not that I don’t initiate my “re-do’s” all throughout the year – “Mondays,” for example, “new seasons,” etc. – but January is the time you look back on the previous year and set out to do even better. Improved spiritual life, healthier, better wife, better mom, etc. But then again, these are just the topics of my day-to-day uphill climb. Of course I’m striving to improve in all areas of my life most days, I don’t need a new year to boss me around.

Last year was probably the most rewarding as far as New Year’s resolutions were concerned. The secret I think, is to focus on things you’d like to do that are simple and not so serious. Sure we’ll all work to self-improve for our own well-being, families and those around us. But what if we stop writing all that down? What if we strive for those things daily through simply trying our best, but decide at each new year to create higher life margin and set fun but life-giving  goals? Our to-do list owns us every other day. Let this list be a dreamer’s list. Things that won’t make you feel like a failure if you don’t get to them, things that will make you smile or laugh, things that will pour back into your own heart, which is overflowing for others by the simple act of living your life.

For me, my 2016 goals were all self-served (see note above about striving to be a better Christian, wife and mom day in and day out.) In no particular order, (Gilmore Girls was for sure #1), my 2016 resolutions were as follows:

  • Binge watch Gilmore Girls
  • Start a blog
  • Return to hot-yoga for my aches and pains, stress and posture
  • Read at least a few of my books collecting dust on my nightstand

I am here to tell you that in 2016, I killed it. Not only did I binge watch all 8 seasons of Gilmore Girls + a revival I couldn’t have known would exist at the time of creating said goal, these words on this page are living proof of my aspiration to start writing again, I’m doing yoga 1-2 evenings a week and I read some great books last year: #ForTheLove, #BreadandWine, #ColdTangerines.

Surprisingly, I don’t have time for any of these things. There is never enough time in the day and the tasks will always own you. Carving out more margin in your own life will be the key to your success. All of these resolutions were so good for my soul, I’m looking forward to another fresh start. Another journey to being a better me. Assigning myself meaningful “spare time.”

I’m still mulling over my  2017 dreamer’s list, but would like to ramp up my writing – blogging more frequently. Netflix had me at hello. Finishing up some partial reads from last year are a must, but I’d like to challenge myself to read at least one of the”harder” books I’ve been putting off for my leisure reads.

Taking time for just what you want to do will help you be the superstar of your New Year’s resolutions past. Take ownership, and assign yourself some nonsense.

What are your life-giving assignments for this year?