May Mayhem


If you’re reading this blog post, congratulations, you’ve survived. You’ve made it to the final day of May. And you did so without mentioning to those of us a bit inexperienced, that the month of May is complete mayhem. Thanks for the heads up! I thought this was a sisterhood, not a conspiracy!

I was thinking back to previous May’s and trying to understand why this year was different. I suppose it’s because there was a quieter, calmer time in my life before children. I also suppose it’s because said children are just now ramping up with all this school junk. And the school, the existing year and approaching year they start bugging you about around this time definitely play a role in the insanity. Don’t they know I’m planning summer things? It starts with teacher appreciation days, followed by class parties, which usher in the ceremonies and graduations … It was Pre-K graduation for us. Charlotte wore a shiny turquoise cap and gown and walked to the tune of an early 90’s contemporary Christian song, that I imagined was playing by cassette tape on an old boom box under the stage.

Oh my heart, it was darling.

Back to summer things. While my alter ego was taking care of all of the above, I’ve got a vacation to plan, man. Oh, and the girls birthday’s that conveniently fall at the end of May and mid-July (talks herself out of a joint party again because she’s a slow learner.) And did I mention we’re getting a puppy? And that potty training part deux has begun? Swim lesson registration, Kindergarten orientation and oh my God, what are the girls going to do all summer long?

The month of May is insane and I honestly never realized it. Tonight, I scrambled eggs for the girls’ dinner and served myself a cheese stick and a cold brew coffee before falling face first over the finish line. Lucky for me, my middle finger made it.

We did it. We got through it, and now we can enjoy the popsicles, pool-time, ice-cream, flip flops and sunshine June promises us. This summer, don’t forget the margin. Take the vacation, read the books and mindless magazines, get a tan but not too much, only say yes to what refills your soul and enjoy your hard-earned summer.



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